1. A unique card that users could choose and set as a gift for beloved one.

  2. Suitable for any occasion and you may set the desired amount (ranging from € 20 to € 250).

  3. Can be used as a payment method in Malta store. 

  4. Valid for all sports products in Decathlon Malta store.

  5. To be used in STORE: the card can be used multiple times as the owner chooses and as long as it has monetary value.

  6. The gift card is valid for 2 years from the purchase date.

  7. Users only can charge the Gift Card one time in the purchase date.




  1. How to purchase Decathlon Gift Card? You can purchase it at Decathlon Malta store

  2. How can I use Gift Card as a payment method? Gift card can be used in store transaction.

  3. Can I choose the type and value of the Gift Card? Yes, you can choose any type of the gift card to your liking and you can choose the value between €20 - €250 for the charge.

  4. Are there any additional fees associated with the Gift Card (when the purchase and use)?No, there will be no administrative fee charged for the purchase of the gift card and for any product purchase you will only be charged with the value of the relevant transaction amount in the purchase.

  5. Can I change the value or cash refund from the value inside the Gift Card after purchasing it? No. The value cannot be changed/refunded after purchase.

  6. How to return the item purchased by Gift Card? If you want to return an item purchased by Gift Card, you will be given a new Gift Card with the same exact value as the returned item.

  7. Can I make partial redemption? Yes, you can select how much you want to pay with Gift Card and pay the remaining with another payment method, only in store.

  8. What if I lose the Gift Card? Unfortunately we will not replace or refund the value of the Gift Card if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or expired.)



  1. This Gift Card can only be used in Decathlon Malta stores.

  2. The Gift Card is valid for 2 years from the purchase date and cannot be reimbursed or replace if expired.

  3. The Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash and no change will be given for purchase(s) made with the Gift Card.

  4. Gift Card can be used multiple time for in-store transaction until the value completely used. If the value of the transaction exceeded the available balance on the Gift Card, you can complete the payment using another payment method.

  5. The card balance and validity date can be checked at the welcome desk at any of our stores.

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