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BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
BMX Wipe 500 20"



BMX Wipe 500 20"

The lowest price in the 30 days before the discount was €239.99
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  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
  • BMX Wipe 500 20"
BMX Wipe 500 20"
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Designed for starting BMX in the street, on urban modules and empty lots for young riders (9 to 14 years / 1.35 to 1.60m)


Easy to learn

High/wide handlebars, specific geometry for learning to steer!

Easy to use

Micro drive train for efficient pedalling.


Micro drive train! Handlebar/stem, frame/fork and grips are reinforced.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty on the frame, fork, stem and handlebar!



Its geometry has been inspired by the best on the market, making it stable and easy to handle.
The frame is designed for children aged 9 to 14 (1.35 m to 1.60 m tall).

So you won't be at all surprised to see your child standing up to pedal, taking turns with confidence, lifting the front wheel and jumping!
Made from steel for durability.

- Top tube: 487 mm
- Chainstays: 353 mm
- Head angle: 75°


It is made from steel for durability.
5mm fork dropouts for greater resistance to impacts.
No suspension for greater manoeuvrability and lighter weight!


We equip our BMX bikes with aluminium stems using the headset system (high-end mountain and road bike system). It's strong and sturdy.
6 Allen head screws firmly attach the stem to the handlebar.
Dimensions: 60 mm


We put every effort into designing and testing the handlebar's geometry.
Made from steel, it is very durable!
Our raised handlebar has been designed to help kids learn to ride in a standing position, while also giving them the option of riding while seated with their back nice and straight.
Its width makes it stable, manoeuvrable and easy to grip.

- height: 212 mm
- width: 680 mm
- backsweep: 10°
- upsweep: 4°
- tube diameter: 22.2 mm


140 mm grips with soft touch grooves for greater comfort.
Reinforced handlebar ends for better resistance to abrasion with the ground (a wear part which can be easily and cheaply replaced).


Equipped with a rotor for unlimited handlebar rotation.


We use 2-3 finger aluminium and composite brakes. They're specially designed for kids' hands and for BMX riding.
Unlike other BMXs, we decided to equip this one with V-brake levers, making them stiffer for maximum efficiency.
They are very efficient, because they require little strength and are easy for a child to operate.

Drive train:

Equipped with a small drive train (micro drive train), this technology uses a small chainring. This helps keep it off the ground and reduces the risk of impact. Its small size increases its strength and sturdiness.

To keep from "spinning", we use a micro cog (technology used on mid- and top-of-the-range BMX bikes) at the rear. So you can ride normally, like with a standard bike.
Development: 25 x 11
One-piece crank: 165 mm


The new thin, light pedals have been specially sized for kids.
They're also wider for better stability for the foot.
The dots on the surface provide maximum grip whilst minimising the risk of injury. The steel crank is specially designed for BMX use.

Saddle / Seat post:

To improve the handling of the bike and keep the correct seated position as you ride,
we've equipped this bike with a seat clamp so that the saddle can be easily raised (for riding while seated) or lowered (for riding while standing) without the need for tools.


The wide aluminium rims have been selected for their rigidity and light weight. Equipped with 36 spokes, the wheels are more resistant than ever!Equipped with a 10 mm axle, it's easy to install pegs on each wheel.


The 20x2.10 tyres are wide. This guarantees excellent grip and very good cushioning when landing jumps!
With a slightly lugged profile, they adapt perfectly to urban use whilst still allowing the rider to comfortably adventure onto rolling terrain.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Restrictions on use

Not designed for regular skatepark / dirt / race use. 90 kg max.


Test product

These products have been tested and developed with our technical partners (80100 SK8PARK ABBEVILLE / Moniteur Cycle Français)


2 Years