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Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Reinforced Trousers - Brown
Waterproof Jacket - Brown



Waterproof Jacket - Brown

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  • Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Jacket - Brown
  • Waterproof Reinforced Trousers - Brown
Waterproof Jacket - Brown
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Designed for all types of woodland activities in wet weather.


Resistant to wild vegetation

Thanks to the component added to parts exposed to rough vegetation.


A waterproof jacket thanks to waterproof strips and components.


The mechanical vents and the dual cursor make for good breathability.

Freedom of movement

Thanks to the specific component inserts in areas taking strain during the shot.


clothing durability: an essential feature for woodcock hunters looking to flush out these shrewd and cunning birds

Woodcock hunting is different everywhere you go, from Brittany to Landes, from countryside thickets to the rugged slopes of the Alps. The hunters, their dogs, and their understanding of their environment all differ from one place to the next. But all Scolopax followers have one thing in common: the need for clothing that stands up against vegetation and isolated areas, as well as to tangles of branches that make clearing paths difficult.

A jacket designed by and for woodcock hunters that adapts to difficult-access areas

Hunters of this fine red bird often venture into thick and dense woods that put their clothes to the test. After identifying the areas most exposed to thorns and brambles, reinforcements were added to the arms, forearms and lower part of the jacket, using one of our toughest components. Consequently, moving through thick vegetation behind dogs accustomed to the hijinks and eccentricity of this woodland beauty becomes much easier.

A breathable and windproof jacket designed to evacuate heat and protect you against all types of weather

Lovers of travel are well versed in the operation: walking for hours and hours over dozens of kilometres to flush out a hiding bird is intense. Perspiration is part of the game. As such, having clothing that doesn't accumulate heat is a priority. This specially designed woodcock hunting jacket has side ventilation and a two-way zip, allowing you to regulate your temperature during the action.

You're safe from rain and dripping branches along your path: the Renfort 900 jacket is waterproof

When hunting game birds, bells ring and you have to be able to keep up with your dogs wherever their noses take them. Game birds often hide themselves deep in wet forests. To flush them out, nothing should stop you clearing a path through dense woods, though doing so means you'll often find yourself at the mercy of dripping branches. Not to worry! Our jacket is waterproof: rain and wet forests won't pose a problem.

Some important technical data on the level of waterproofing of this garment

With a waterproof rating of 5,000mm, this jacket designed for hunting woodcock offers a high level of waterproofing. We measure a fabric's resistance to a water column, in mm (based on the ISO 811 standard). The higher the pressure, the more waterproof the tissue is. The jacket, pockets and the seams have passed a 2-hour waterproofing test with 60 litres of water. This means it protects the user against a shower equivalent to 12cm of rain in 3 hours.

How does this jacket provide excellent freedom and greater ease of movement?

Driving through saplings, venturing into dense woods or walking through thick environments can be testing. Often you need to step over obstacles, kneel down and protect yourself against branches. So wearing a garment that follows all your movements is essential to making good progress. The stretch qualities of the component on the back part of the jacket enable you to bend down, to pass under branches and to shoot without batting an eyelid.

Washing your game bag couldn't be easier!

The dog runs, speeds up and freezes. There is a woodcock nearby. If the woodcock dares to show itself, and you are lucky enough to fire as it takes off, we have added a game bag on the back of the jacket, which can be opened and closed on the sides using zips. What's more, you can easily clean the game bag thanks to the full-length horizontal zip that allows you to open it completely.

The extra little details of this jacket

Keep your keys safe by attaching them to the snap hook in the front top left-hand pocket. You also can clip your dog's training collar to the tab on the outside of the jacket. Note: The hood of the RENFORT 900 waterproof hunting jacket is not detachable, but it can be adjusted using the cord so that you can hunt in comfort, especially when firing.

What? You want even more? OK, here is some additional information

Our jacket designed for hunting woodcock allows you to carry your cartridges without you having to wear a cartridge belt. How? Thanks to the built-in slots in the pockets with zip fasteners: you can store 7 cartridges in the left pocket and 7 cartridges in the right pocket, or 14 cartridges in total. Finally, it is worth noting that the jacket, in size L, weighs 1.2 kg.


Size S: 1.132 kg
Size M: 1.186 kg
Size L: 1.212 kg
Size XL: 1.250kg
Size 2XL: 1.310kg
Size 3XL: 1.380kg

Tips for storage and maintenance

Machine wash - 86°F normal cycle
Do not use bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean



2 Years