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Massaging Foam Roller - Hard - Coral

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This roller was designed by our design teams specifically for mobility work for athletes.


Easy to transport

The hole in the middle makes it easy to transport


Can be used to massage several parts of the body (thighs, back, calves, glutes)


Hard foam roller description

- Hard foam roller teeth depth: 3.5mm

- Length: 38 cm

- Width: 12 cm

- Height: 12 cm

- Weight: 0.51 kg

Why use a foam roller?

What it does best: relaxes tense areas on your body. By giving yourself regular massages, you can optimise muscular relaxation and release tension before or after a workout.

What is the difference between a hard and soft foam roller?

It all depends on what you like!

If you enjoy deep massages, opt for a higher density foam. But we understand that not everyone enjoys the firmness of a hard foam rollerThat's why we offer two hardness options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

When should you use a "hard" foam roller?

Foam rollers are an essential part of your warm-up as they stimulate blood flow.

During training, they can help release muscular tension to improve your performance.

After a workout, the foam roller can relax muscles, reduce soreness and encourage optimum recovery. Include these key steps in your training routine to maximize results and take better care of your body.

Using the "soft" foam roller

To massage with a foam roller, you just target the area you want to work on.

Place the foam roller on a hard surface, place the targeted area on top (the back, legs, arms, etc) and roll it back and forth.

Be careful not to force anything and stop immediately if you feel pain.

Further relax your muscles before or after a weight training or cross-training session

Using the mobility ball ref: 8544539) to target hard-to-reach spots. This special ball helps you reach spots that are difficult to work.

Our coach has put together foam roller exercises for a squat session

Here's a self-massage routine for warming up your lower body for a squat session:

- roll out hamstrings: 45'' per leg

- roll out adductors: 45'' per leg

- roll out glutes: 45'' per leg

- roll out IT band: 45'' per leg



Foam: 100.0% Foamed Polyurethane; Foam core: 100.0% Foamed Polypropylene

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

store in a dry place.



5 Years