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Kid's Rain Boot 100 navy blue

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Our designers created this waterproof boot to keep your feet dry while boating, in the rain or walking along the seashore.


Easy to put on

Easy to get on thanks to the collar structure Easy to remove with the heel lug


Lightweight material brings the weight down to 456 grams in EU size 33/34


Material + Geometry of the sole facilitates draining the water through channels


Seamless, injected waterproof material.


How can I be sure that my boots are 100% waterproof?

We made sure your boots are waterproof using a standardised laboratory test as well as use and ageing tests in the field.

The boot's one-piece construction ensures that no water can enter.

How do you measure the grip?

We measure the traction of our products in the laboratory, on a scale that we established.

Traction is the result of the main material and the design of the sole. This product has a grip level of 3 out of 5.

How to choose your shoe size?

This model comes in double sizes. It is important to choose the appropriate size to ensure a good foot hold while wearing the socks you normally wear.

Be careful, as a boot that is too big may result in poor foot support, worse traction, and abrasion of the foot against the boot.

How do I easily put on and take off my boots?

On the top of the boot, there is a ridged strip that enables the boot to be held securely in place when being put on.

On the heel of the boot, there is a lug on which you can push to remove the boots without having to sit down.

How to dry your boots?

If water gets in through the top of the boot collar, we recommend removing the insole, rinsing the boots, and allowing them to drain and dry in a well-ventilated area. Do not put near a heating source or on a radiator. Turn the boot over and slip it onto a broom handle.

Why is the boot's collar so wide for children?

The boot's collar may appear wide compared to your child's calf. But it is totally normal. A child's instep is really important so that they can put on the boot independently. The collar must leave enough space.

This design choice helps give your child autonomy when putting the boot on and taking it off.

Technical features

In size EU size 33/34: 456 grams per boot

Outer height of the boot: 22 cm

Outer height of the boot: 20 cm

Calf width: 35 cm

The boot's inner sock is comfortable and has good insulation to keep their feet warm.

Moulded and detachable sockliner that is washing machine safe.

Do not wear barefoot. Avoid wearing shorts, as the friction can cause irritation to the child's feet.

How to maintain your sailing boots?

When your boots are smudged, simply run them under water and rub them with a sponge. If the smudges are hard to remove, you can rub with a little soap and a wet sponge.



Upper of: 100.0% Polyvinyl Chloride; Outer sole of: 100.0% Polyvinyl Chloride; Lining and sock of: 100.0% Polyamide



2 Years