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Women’s Mountaineering Trousers - ALPINISM LIGHT EVO - LIGHT GREY

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Color: GRAY
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Revisited-design light and stretch trousers for greater freedom of movement and protection during mountaineering or ski mountaineering.




  • Picture showing Designed to reduce environmental impact
    Environmental Impact

    Designed to reduce environmental impact

    Product made with a CO2eq reduction of 14% compared to the previous or similar product

    Our design teams are working to develop processes that will reduce the impact of a product, while preserving its technical characteristics. This reduction relates to the following indicators: climate change, air pollution, water pollution and resource depletion.

  • Picture showing Recycled polyester

    Recycled polyester

    Product made from 3% recycled polyester

    Using recycled polyester rather than conventional polyester reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the material by at least 17%.

  • Picture showing Recycled polyamide

    Recycled polyamide

    Product made from 61% recycled polyamide

    Using recycled polyamide rather than conventional polyamide reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the material by at least 38%.